May 07, 2015

Tosca Resources Corp. Signs Binding Share Exchange Agreement With Hatch Interactive 

Vancouver, British Columbia (FSCwire) – Tosca Resources Corp. (CSE:TSQ, FSE:TQ4, OTCBB:TSMNF)   (“the Company”, or “Tosca”) announces that it has entered into a binding Share Exchange Agreement to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp. (the “Transaction”). The Transaction will constitute a “fundamental change” for the Company pursuant to the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”) and is subject to the approval of the CSE.

It is currently expected that the Company will obtain shareholder approval of the Transaction by way of a shareholder consent resolution.   It is expected that trading in the Company’s securities will remain halted pending completion of the Transaction.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,


“Ron Shenton”

President and CEO


About Hatch Interactive

Hatch Interactive Technologies is a Vancouver, Canada based technology incubator. Hatch’s respected and qualified management team are well versed in both the technology and financial sectors. This allows the company to see its investments and creations from the development phase right through to sale, merger, or IPO process.

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SportCourt is the first vertical of the FightCourt family of apps. SportCourt is a sports-focused mobile social network that engages users around debate creation, crowdsourced opinions and user-generated content, and is the only social network that can definitively settle debates through gamification. Users will also have the ability to gamble virtual currencies on arguments, referred to as e-fights™.

SportCourt intends to partner with sports teams, television networks, and popular online sports blogs to bring a unique argument engine platform to their fan bases and increase engagement. All e-fights™ that appear on these various platforms will also be presented in the SportCourt app allowing for more voters and a broader audience. Additionally, it will allow these affiliates to advertise on the SportCourt app by showing where the fight originated, thus driving traffic to their sites.


FightCourt is a social media platform that offers an online arena for those that want to “fight it out” online in a social, fun and productive manner. The goal of FightCourt is to become the social networking destination for online disputes and obtain an extensive and valuable membership database of opinion profiles.

FightCourt’s core value proposition is the Argument Engine™, a complex algorithm that takes into account several hundreds of key indicators. From this algorithm, FightCourt is able to generate a clear winner within the community and provide its members with a stimulating, fun and satisfying experience.

Business Model

By offering free access to FightCourt’s Argument Engine™ and community participation, FightCourt hopes to establish the world’s largest opinion database. This database will be of great value as users are engaged in disputes that offer their strong opinion on several issues of importance to them, allowing for a clear user-opinion profile to quickly emerge. Whereas Facebook would surmise from the various likes and dislikes of what product to offer to the user, FightCourt will have the exact opinion of its members and thus be one step closer to generating a quality lead or sale for advertisers.


FightCourt is solving a current and rapidly emerging problem: social media platforms cannot solve online disputes, bringing noise and dissonance to these existing platforms. There is currently no engaging way online to resolve a debate or argument. By the FightCourt offering its platform in a mobile, gaming, fun but deeply algorithmic manner, online social networkers that want to “fight it out” online can now have their chance. Members who are of the wagering type can also participate and enjoy the new online sporting event… the e-fight™!